About MOMS Club of Topeka

The MOMS Club® began over 30 years ago in 1983 when Mary James, a stay-at-home mother in Simi Valley, California, decided she was tired of being alone at home every day. She wanted to find a way to meet other stay-at-home mothers and she wanted to find other stay-at-home children for her children to play with. When she discovered there were no other organizations that met during the day and allowed her to come with her baby and preschooler, she decided to start a brand new group just for at-home mothers…and the MOMS Club was born. The club she started was so successful, she knew mothers in other areas must need a MOMS Club, too. Soon, she and other volunteers were helping mothers to start MOMS Club chapters across the country and around the world.

International MOMS Club
The MOMS Club is now an international non-profit organization with over 1,500 chapters in the U.S. alone…and over 100,000 members. International chapters are popping up around the globe!

MOMS Club of Topeka, KS

MOMS Club of Topeka was first organized over 15 years ago to support the stay-at-home mothers in the Topeka area.  MOMS Club of Topeka has been recognized in HERS KANSAS magazine. MOMS Club of Topeka has been recognized by the International MOMS Club for its service projects, outstanding events, outstanding programs, outstanding Mother to Mother Fund donation, and making a difference in the community.  Topeka MOMS Club has participated in community parades, Festival of Trees, Ronald McDonald House, support of military troops, service projects, and other community groups/activities.  Members have the opportunity to become involved at the International level by volunteering to help chapters as a Big Sister, Regional Coordinator, and other positions.